Conservation Easement Surveys

Conservation Easements permanently protect an area of land from development or disturbance. We have surveyed and mapped thousands of acres of land for NYCDEP and WAC. The process usually involves a kickoff meeting on site with the property owner and easement sponsor. Discussions of access, livestock control, riparian locations, and acceptable development areas occur.

Conservation Easement Surveys are usually performed with a combination of G.P.S. and traditional survey methods. Boundaries are established on the out bounds of the parcel as well as any other protected or acceptable development areas. We use our 2016 Civil 3D for the calculations and final map preparation. All boundaries are monumented and marked in the field. A legal description is also prepared for the easement conveyance.

Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, accurate, timely solutions to their Conservation Easement Surveying needs.

Catskills Region Surveying Services P.C

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