Natural Resource Mapping Expertise

The Catskill Mountain region is an incredible ecosystem of natural resources. Known nationally and internationally as the source of drinking water for New York City, many local programs are in place to ensure the protection of this resource. Catskill Region Surveying Services has actively surveyed and mapped many of these resources.

We have surveyed and mapped proposed stream restoration projects for Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District, Barton & Loguidice, Lamont Engineers, and Delaware Engineering.

We have performed surveying services for Woidt Engineering for a flood plain analysis in Grand Gorge, NY. We also have mapped tens of thousands of acres of land for conservation easements in the NYCDEP, west of Hudson watershed.

Living and working in an area filled with natural resources has allowed us to experience first-hand the importance of conservation and protection.

Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, accurate, timely solutions to their Natural Resource Mapping needs.

Catskills Region Surveying Services P.C

We take pride in our work and ensure each project meets our personal standards of quality and accuracy

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